Unanimous motion aimed at taming real estate speculation.

West Vancouver’s mayor and council have formally called on the province and federal government to rein in real estate speculation – and they’re asking other municipalities to get on board.

Council unanimously passed a motion Monday night, recognizing the Lower Mainland’s affordability crisis and the role real estate speculation, “particularly by foreign investors,” is having on it. The motion goes on to call for “immediate action to discourage speculation” and to “ensure foreign real estate investors pay a fair share of provincial and federal taxes.”


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Buyers investing in properties for their children as hedge against unaffordable future.

The bank of mom and dad has skipped a generation, with parents now buying houses or condos for their school-aged children or grandchildren.

Nervous upper-middle-class homeowners are hoping that the strategy will help younger generations gain a foothold in Vancouver.


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Mayor touts greening of seaside in endorsement of 5-year plan.

At 40 years old, West Vancouver’s waterfront plan got its first teeth Monday.

Council endorsed a five-year plan that will swap nine buildings for a new arts centre and bistro, trade parking spots for a Spirit Trail expansion and cut off car access to the boat ramp.


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